The 74th Hunger Games have begun!

A few months back we got a teaser trailer for The Hunger Games that I wasn’t all too impressed with. It showed a whole lot of nothing and was probably just put together for the trailer and will never be in the actual movie. But such is the thrill of a film teaser.

Lionsgate has just released a full trailer for the film, and it shows alot more and looks much more interesting!

Check out the trailer below:

I really like what glimpses we saw of people from The Capital, Effie with her creepy pink hair and odd looking clothes, the awesome beard that one of the gamemakers had. I’m glad to see that the aesthetic styles from District 12 to The Capital are in such contrast. Everything is so sleek and fancy looking in a weird over the top way in The Capital where as the districts look like giant prisons.

These 2 minutes of footage look promising, here’s hoping that the other 100 or so minutes live up to them!

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