First trailer for Les Miserables!

A bit ago I got to see the 25th Anniversary version of Les Mis, and it was pretty awesome. To prep for it, my wife required that we listen to the original British cast in the car when driving anywhere for about a solid month. Thus, at this point, I’m pretty familiar with the musical and the characters.

When Hugh Jackman was cast as Jean Valjean I thought it a stroke of awesome. He’s definitely got the singing chops for the part.

I’m still not so sure about Russell Crowe as Javert, mostly because what I’ve heard of him singing sounded a bit more rough and not as pompously baritone as I’d expect for Javert. Hopefully I’m wrong though.

The idea reminds me a bit of Tim Burton’s version of Sweeney Todd. The Broadway version usually has a good baritone voice, but Johnny Depp can’t really sing, so he ended up just sounding like a raspy Jack Sparrow trying to sing whilst drunk off his ass on rum.

With that being said, here’s the first trailer for Les Misérables! It looks pretty awesome so far, and Anne Hathaway sounds great, so hopefully we will get to hear the rest soon!

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