Marvel isn’t stopping it’s tie-ins with The Avengers


The Avengers panel at New York Comic Con was quite good.

On top of showing about ten minutes of never before seen footage, everyone at the panel also got a few hints at things to come in the Marvel film universe. The panel was filled with Avengers stars as well as Marvel Studio’s President of Production, Kevin Feige.

Now we all know that sequels are as common as cancer these days, so it should be no surprise to anyone that there is already talks of an Avengers sequel.

The original plan from Marvel was to start coming out with superhero movies all building up to a single point, The Avengers. The plan never said anything about what would happen after the films release. Marvel had even mentioned at one point in the past that after Avengers they would just start making separate Marvel films much like they had been doing before with X-Men, Fantastic Four and Spiderman. None of these films had any ties to the others, and it worked just fine.

But who doesn’t like a bit of cohesiveness within a brand’s universe?

It’s nice to think that at the end of the day, Iron Man actually knows Captain America and they probably hang out. Even though they have their own movies, they all fit into a single world together somehow.

Well it looks like Marvel will NOT be stopping the single-universe-model after The Avengers after all.

In The Avengers panel at New York Comic Con, Kevin Feige let it drop that Iron Man 3 will tie directly into the next Avengers film. That’s right, there will be another Avengers film even before the first one is released!

It seems like alot of pressure to put on the film’s director, Joss Whedon. Let’s hope that with the promise of another film, Joss wont kill off one of everyones favorite characters, he has a tendency to do that when he see’s no other options (Wash in Serenity, Willow in Buffy and Ballard in Dollhouse).

Who knows,

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