Chronicle shows what Spiderman would have really done with powers

I think we can all agree that the definition of being a teenager is assuming you are better than everyone and you can do anything you want anytime, regardless of most consequences. I know that’s what my outlook was. And why shouldn’t it? You’re too young to be a real person yet, but you’re too old to rely on your parents for all social interactions.

Being a teenager means trying to do whatever you want before you have to become a real adult.

That seems to be the idea behind at least the first half of Chronicle, a found-footage style film about three teenagers who are endowed with a number of super abilities.

The idea is actually a pretty good and potentially realistic one. What would a teenager really do with superpowers most of the time? Probably dick around and be a bit of an asshole.

If Spiderman was real, he wouldn’t have been nearly as responsible, even if his uncle died. He would have made hilarious web-traps in other high schoolers’ car tires, flipped cars on their backs as practical jokes and all sorts of other antics.

There’s no way any teenager would ever go ‘I solemnly swear, dead uncle, that I will make sure this never happens to anyone again! I will fight crime for the rest of my life starting now, at the ripe age of 17.’

Check out the trailer for Chronicle below to see what teenagers would really do with superpowers:

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